Update – complications

It’s been a rough week for Apollo.  He seemed to be doing well after the second surgery but then some complications set in and they had to hook him back on all the breathing apparatus.  When we visited on Saturday he looked awful and he was really struggling even hooked up to all the machines.

X-rays showed that his lungs and chest were clear so they feared there was a blot clot somewhere on the spine. They did emergency surgery on Sunday 10th and found and cleared a 10mil clot.  It was between bones and muscle where blood thinning medication cannot make a difference.

Wednesday 13th was the first time he’s eaten!  They said he wagged his tail a little bit and he moved his back legs when they tickled his paws.   He is off all the machines.

The vet said we still have to take things one day at a time but the fact that Apollo’s eaten a couple of times now and is moving a bit are good signs. He still has a long road of recovery ahead of him but we remain positive that he is strong enough to get through this and back home to us. 12376220_10153948063054623_9017536473407187453_n



Second Surgery –

Apollo update second round of surgery:

During surgery poor baby stopped breathing and they put him on ventilator. He is ok now and breathing on his own but he’s still hooked up to monitors.

He is where they would expect him to be out of the surgery he has had over the past 2 days. The Doctor is happy and now it’s just a matter of nursing him and keeping a close eye on him.

Can’t wait to give him the biggest cuddles ever.



Surgery ….


Apollo was in surgery from 11.30 to 5.30 Tuesday 5th – a bit longer than expected due to some complications, but by evening he was breathing on his own.

The doctor was able to cut off 4cm from the top of the spine and can now see the spinal cord. However, he completed a CT scan afterwards and saw that he can scrape another 3 to 4 millimeters off the top of the spine to completely decompress.

Please keep Apollo in your thoughts as they will be putting him back into surgery Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.

He must be so scared in there without us nearby to reassure him.  I just want this to be all over and for him to be back home…

Update – 4th January 2016

We took Apollo in for his scheduled follow-up with the vet on Monday 4th January. During December we had noticed a marked deterioration in his Cervical Spondylomyelopathy (Wobbler’s) and after discussion with the specialist we realized we could no longer postpone the spinal surgery.

Thanks to the generosity of many people who donated money, either through our GoFundMe page or directly, we were able to pay a deposit on the surgery.  Thank you to those people from the bottom of our hearts!

Surgery is Tuesday 5th January –  they wanted to re-do scans and blood-work so asked us to leave Apollo there. Everything happened so quickly it was really emotional and heartbreaking leaving him behind.

We’re praying that he makes it through the surgery okay and recovers quickly and fully.   Tuesday is going to be an awful day just sitting beside the phone waiting for the vet’s phone call.

We really love this little guy: –Apollo Jan 2016**



Saturday 12 December – back to the vet

We were back to the vet on Saturday. It’s not good news.  Apollo’s cervical spondylomyelopathy (Wobbler syndrome) has not stabilized;  it’s slowly but surely getting worse.  We asked about acupuncture, massages and alternative treatments but the vet said there is only one way to fix this and that is to surgically decompress the spine.  They said if we don’t do surgery and he starts getting worse and deteriorating then there is no Plan B.
They want to check him every 2 weeks now until we can figure out a way of affording the surgery.   Please help to spread our GoFundMe effort.   Every $1 donated is a step closer to Apollo having a chance.
Here’s the poor little guy waiting his turn to see the vet:  Saturday Waiting to see the vet
  He was pretty good at the vet’s but not too impressed with us when we first got home:  Saturday after ve 3It wasn’t too long before he was smiling again:   Saturday after vet***
Saturday after vet 2

7 December 2015 – a weekend at the beach

After a hard couple of weeks we decided to take our boy Apollo for a weekend getaway near Nelson Bay.  He was a pretty good passenger – only two vomit stops each way!

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It was Apollo’s first time at the beach and he absolutely loved the sand.  He wasn’t a fan of the waves at all though –  he barked every time a wave rolled in near him.  It was really funny to watch.

We have a vet appointment this week to check whether the Cervical Spondylomyelopathy (Wobbler Syndrome) has progressed or if it’s stabilized a little.  We’re also waiting on a call back from a veterinary acupuncturist – he’s going to talk to our Vet about whether acupuncture will make Apollo’s condition better or worse.   If anyone has any other suggestions we’d love to hear them!

Isn’t he adorable……

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